Wednesday, Feb 13, 2019

Change of contact and communication ways

Dear DevSec friends,

Some of you maybe already noticed, we are improving the website of the project: updating the content, rebuilding and refreshing it.

Besides that, we took a decision to change some of the communication ways of the project.

Gitter chat was not heavily used in the past and wasn’t accepted even by some of core maintainers. As mailing lists are still a wide used communication way of many OpenSource projects, we decided to give them a try:

  • the Gitter chats are deprecated now
  • there are two new mailing lists: general discussion list and low-traffic announcement list

If you are interested only on release announcements and major project news - feel free to subscribe to

If you have questions, want to participate on discussions - feel free to subscribe to

We are looking forward to get your feedback via GitHub issues, Twitter or the new mailing list