Tuesday, Jan 17, 2017

We are happy to announce our new DevSec baselines

Happy New Year DevSec users,

from day one of the DevSec Hardening Framework project, we used the same test suites for our Ansible, Chef and Puppet implementations. Those test suites have been implemented in [Serverspec]() and helped us to enforce the same rules for all hardening implementations. The combination with [test-kitchen]() allowed us to easily test Ansible, Chef and Puppet implementations across the multiple operating systems with the same test suites.

The DevSec Hardening Framework grew and users requested additional documentation around our recommendations. We always used industry best-practices, but it would be even better to attach more information directly to our tests. InSpec builds on the learnings of Serverspec and allowed us to add more meta-data to each test. A Serverspec test like:

describe file('/etc/ssh/sshd_config') do
  its(:content) { should match(/^Protocol 2$/) }

could easily represented in InSpec as:

control 'ssh-04' do
  impact 1.0
  title 'Client: Specify protocol version 2'
  desc "
    Only SSH protocol version 2 connections should be permitted. Version 1 of
    the protocol contains security vulnerabilities. Don't use legacy insecure
    SSHv1 connections anymore.
  describe ssh_config do
    its('Protocol') { should eq('2') }

With InSpec we are able to document and implement our security checks in one language. We used the opportunity to adapt all of our test suites to use InSpec. Now, users are able to run our tests standalone as well. Therefore we are going to call them baseline instead of tests. The following baselines are available now:

Operating System Baselines:

Patch Baselines:

Application Baselines:

To use the DevSec Hardening Framework baselines just install [InSpec](). All our baselines are registered in Chef Supermarket:

# List all available profiles
$ inspec supermarket profiles

# Run Linux baseline
$ inspec exec supermarket://devsec/linux-baseline

# Run Windows baseline
$ inspec exec supermarket://devsec/windows-baseline

You can run the baselines directly from Github as well:

# Linux
inspec exec github.com/dev-sec/linux-baseline -t ssh://user:host -i /path/to/key

# Windows
inspec exec github.com/dev-sec/windows-baseline -t winrm://user:host --password secret

Since those baselines can be executed independently, you could verify the state of your servers immediately.

We are looking forward to get feedback.