Tuesday, Sep 20, 2016

Ansible nginx-hardening role released

The next part of server hardening with Ansible is released today: The ansible-nginx-hardening role.

This role hardens your existing nginx installations (version 1.0.15 or later).

This time we tried to make sure that the hardening role works with popular nginx installation roles, so if you use any of the following (great!) roles to manage your nginx, you can use our hardening role:

We also tried to provide good documentation on the various settings and think that it turned out very well, but see for yourself.

This role is now the fourth Ansible role, joining ssh-hardening, os-hardening and mysql-hardening.

Of course we not only maintain this role for Ansible, there exist implementations for Chef and Puppet as well!

We’re supporting this role on Debian- and Enterprise Linux-based operating systems, but we’ll also try our best in helping you run the role on other systems! Just open up an issue or pull request or join our Gitter Chatroom to chat directly with us!

You can find the role on Github and on Ansible Galaxy.

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