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Server Hardening Automation


DevSec Hardening Framework Baselines

Identify security issues and misconfiguration

Remediate with your automation tooling

Add security to your automation

Hardening adds a layer into your automation framework, that configures your operating systems and services.

It takes care of difficult settings, compliance guidelines, cryptography recommendations, and secure defaults.

Server Hardening - Zsh

What Others Say

The team behind “Hardening Framework” programmed most of the benchmark into InSpec rules that make it easy to “test” compliance, ensuring that the rules have been applied on a server. Evgeny Zislis - Co-Founder & CTO of ProdOps
An excellent resource for automated hardening is a set of open source templates originally developed at Deutsche Telekom [...]. Jim Bird, co-founder and CTO of a major U.S.-based institutional trading service
It covers most of the required hardening checks based on multiple standards, which includes Ubuntu Security Features, NSA Guide to Secure Configuration, ArchLinux System Hardening and other. Security Automation with Ansible 2 by Akash Mahajan, Madhu Akula

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