Ansible mysql-hardening role released

Sebastian Gumprich
, in 17 July 2016

Even though the Github repository already got 17 stars at the time of writing, we never officially released the ansible-mysql-hardening role. Today we change that and release 1.0.0!

The mysql-hardening role joins the other two already existing Ansible roles, ssh-hardening and os-hardening.

This role hardens a MySQL server according to best practices and implements the same guidelines as our successful Chef and Puppet implementations.

The main work was done by Anton Lugovoi and Sebastian Gumprich who implemented the following changes:

We’re supporting this role on Debian- and Enterprise Linux-based operating systems, but we’ll also try our best in helping you run the role on other systems! Just open up an issue or pull request or join our Gitter Chatroom to chat directly with us!

You can find the role on Github and on Ansible Galaxy.

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